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You know, what we really know about the group is that in many ways it's a very typical militia group, in that it has great fears about essentially the coming new world order. The Hutaree very much see, for instance, the United Nations as possibly the primary enemy. They see the United Nations or really any kind of global body as part of the threat, that we're all going to be pushed into this kind of socialistic, terrible one world regime..

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The weight of the corruption probes and sponsors' concerns led to Blatter announcing June 2 he will leave FIFA, a move that came four days after he was re elected to serve a fifth, four year term. A successor to Blatter, who has headed the governing body since 1998, is to be elected on Feb. 26."Whoever becomes the FIFA president should have a new secretary general because it's the most important relationship for the organization," Valcke said in St.

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