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Consonant blends, where two consonants are right next to each other, are typically difficult ("Soppit!" instead of "Stop it!"), and 2 year olds frequently mix up multisyllabic words or simply reduce them to shorter words ("Gimme dat amal" instead of "Give me that animal"). All of these mispronunciations are common up until age 7. Listen to see if your child's speech is improving over time by age 3 most of what she says should be pretty understandable..

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The raw material is aerospace grade carbon fibre that has been pre impregnated with resin a glue like substance. The material is cut to size by a worker with an utility knife. The shaft is created by hand wrapping ribbons of carbon fibre around a piece of pre formed plastic that gives it its shape.

Humans started out tilling and plowing by hand power or horse/ox. All large cities started out all the same. A small collective of settlers, that had to farm, hunt , gather , forage etc in order to survive. But I digress. I'm not writing to gloat I'm writing to help. If you lucky Mac owners are suffering from the aforementioned sluggishness, here are seven ways you can primp your computer for more productivity.

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