His next three most generous donors were Iowa based companies, according to Federal Election osrs gold Commission data reviewed by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.When a constituent later asked Blum whether he would decline to take out of district campaign donations if he's barring out of district Iowans from attending his town halls, he demurred."This is an official event as a congressman, this isn't a political event so when we're talking about contributions coming from outside the district,

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that's a political thing," he told the crowd.That sparked a wave of boos.Blum continued: "The Democrat opponents I've ran against the last two cycles have far outraised me both those cycles, and more of their money has come from outside the district than mine."About 1,000 people showed up Monday night at Dubuque Senior High School to hear from Blum, 62, a former software executive who once coached high school basketball in the gymnasium where he spoke. His son, Taylor Blum, is honored on the walls of the gym for scoring 1,202 points as a member of the basketball team.With his wife and daughter in the crowd, people in the prescreened crowd shouted at Blum throughout the evening, complaining that he started late, that he didn't immediately start answering questions about health care and that he said that his district offices are open and eager to deal with constituent concerns."You're never there!" one woman shouted.Eight volunteers checked in constituents as they arrived, while staffers ushered them upstairs to the gym. At least four police officers including the police chief stood watch.

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