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Meal plan dollars included with Platinum, Upper Campus, Lower Campus and Declining Balance meal plans will expire at the end of the spring 2017 semester. To place a bulk food order, complete aDaviesCenterorderformor a Campus Harvest Food Pantry order form (for donation) by May 10 at 4 pm, then return it to the cashier at the Snack Shack at Davies Center. Or complete aHilltopCenterorderformby May 12 at noon, then return it to the cashier at Riverview Cafe at the Hilltop Center..


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Colchester Senior Center Golf Tournament: The 2nd Annual Golf Tournament to benefit the Colchester Senior Center will be a 2 day golf event at Chanticlair Golf Course, 288 Old Hebron Road. On Friday, August 7 there will be a 9 hole tournament followed by an 18 hole tournament on Saturday, August 8. Pricing for the 9 hole tourney is $50, and the 18 hole tournament is priced at $85, with usage of carts included for either tourney package.

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